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The JitaCam is a 360 degree jib mounted in the air usually to a truss. This jib offers a new level of creative expression by placing the jib above the action. JitaCam can be assembled in various length from 3.5ft to 30ft in 2ft increments. The JitaCam control stations can be placed up to 1,000 ft away.

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MAT-TOWERCAM® Twin Peek, MAT-TOWERCAM® XL is the extended version of the MAT-TOWERCAM® STANDARD. Both systems are especially suitable for small sets where larger camera cranes can not be used.

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The Stanton Jimmy Jib is the most common crane in the industry. Whether you're shooting film (16mm or 35mm), High Definition or Standard Video, the Jimmy Jib can be assembled in several size configurations to suit your creative needs from 4ft up to 40ft.

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Our various remote heads provide smooth camera movement up to 1000ft away from the control table. They can support film or video cameras up to 50lbs. The kit includes focus, iris, zoom controls for Canon, Fuji lenses.

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Our remote controlled dolly track up to 80ft in length adds to the versatility of the overhead jib system as well as the Twin Peek Tower Cam

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Combining all of the elements the JitaCam has to offer now with programmable motion control.

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