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John Pry

1982 Paul began his career designing and building products for the aviation, auto and construction industries. For over 20 years he's used his mechanical, electrical and structural engineering background and innovative approach to design and produced many impressive products. From a rotational resiratory air system, to hydraulic material handling, to electronic product positioning, Paul has a well rounded and deep understanding of product design and manufacturing. With his artistic flair and obsession with safety, JitaCam was inevitable.

Over the past 8 years, Paul focused his efforts on the Broadcast and Film industries, with extensive research and development in camera motion technology. Today, Paul's precision equipment designs are operated daily in some of the biggest studios in the country.

His latest product, JitaCam, is now making quite an impact on the industry; JitaCam gives producers and directors a new line of aerial camera performance tools that can safely be used both indoors and outdoors..

Paul Manecky - Owner

VP of Design
Cel:(914) 441-7013