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Team JitaCam (from left to right) Owners John Pry, Chuck Goslin, Tore Livia, Paul Manecky




The JitaCam is a new dynamic jib that brings the idea of a crane to new heights. By taking away the footprint of a large crane on the floor, the JitaCam offers a new level of creative expression to any production by placing the jib above the subject with the freedom of a 360 degree arm rotation.

In August of 2007, the "seed" of JitaCam was planted when it's overhead jib system debuted hovering in sync with rappers who strutted across the MTV set of Celebrity Rap Superstar. The positive reaction of director, Paul Miller led JitaCam creators directly to the high profile 2007 Country Music Awards. From there the overhead jib system was catapulted across the country on various television programs, reality series, concerts and sporting events. JitaCam was born!

In March of 2009, lead designer Paul Manecky teamed up with veteran operators John Pry and Chuck Goslin to form the corporation, JitaCam, The 360° "Jib In The Air". Since then JitaCam soared to extreme heights at the 2009 summer and winter X-Games, HBO Boxing, Showtime Mixed Martial Arts events, and the UFC.


The JitaCam system can add a unique camera angle previously unavailable to your production. The complete system is available for rent or lease and includes two technicians that operate the system. The JitaCam team works with your lighting rigging crew to ensure the system is installed in the most advantageous location for maximum creative range.

Contact JitaCam to discuss how this unique remote controlled jib arm can be added to your production and provide your next production with spectacular camera angles. It's JitaCam: The 360 degree Jib In The Air.




John Pry Paul Manecky Chuck Goslin Tore Livia

John Pry - Owner

Paul Manecky- Owner

Chuck Goslin - Owner

Tore Livia - Owner

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