John Pry

John Pry graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1998. Post graduation, he began a very successful career in television working as a studio camera operator in Pittsburgh and New York City. Very quickly John began developing his skills as a Jimmy Jib operator, skills that earned him the privilege of being part of numerous productions for all major networks, including CBS, FOX, ABC, HBO, ESPN, A&E and the Food Network. In 2005 he was awarded an Emmy for outstanding work done on Late Show with David Letterman.

Since 1998 John has traveled the country, working on a wide variety of projects, from LA based reality series to various sports, entertainment, political and live news events. He is one of the collaborators of the new JitaCam. Since the release of this revolutionary system, he’s had the opportunity to rig and operate this new jib camera at exciting events, including the Country Music Awards and Summer X Games.

placeholderPaul Manecky
VP of Design

As far back 1982, Paul began his career designing and building products for the aviation, auto and construction industries. For over 20 years he’s used his mechanical, electrical and structural engineering background and innovative approach to design and produce many impressive products. From a rotational respiratory air system, to hydraulic material handling, to electronic product positioning, Paul has a well rounded and deep understanding of product design and manufacturing. With his artistic flair and obsession with safety, JitaCam was inevitable.

Over the past 8 years, Paul focused his efforts on the Broadcast and Film industries, with extensive research and development in camera motion technology. Today, Paul’s precision equipment designs are operated daily in some of the biggest studios in the country.

His latest product, JitaCam, is now making quite an impact on the industry; JitaCam gives producers and directors a new line of aerial camera performance tools that can safely be used both indoors and outdoors.

placeholderChuck Goslin
VP East Coast Operations

Chuck Goslin earned a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from New Mexico State University in July 1983. While in college he started his TV career directing local news for PBS in New Mexico. After graduation, Chuck relocated to NY and became a freelance camera operator. In 1988 Chuck started his business as ENG/EFP camera owner operator shooting profile pieces for various networks. In 1994 Chuck bought his first Stanton Jimmy Jib and parlayed his contacts & clients into a successful Jib business.

The next milestone in Chuck’s career was collaborating with John Pry and Paul Manecky on the JitaCam. Since joining JitaCam Inc., Chuck has had the opportunity to operate this new system on numerous concerts and live sporting events.

placeholderTore Livia
VP West Coast Operations

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placeholderRobert Hayton
Arizona Flying Jibs

Robert became a member of the JitaCam team in July 2009. He was the JitaCam head operator on the 2009 ESPN Summer X-Games and Showtime’s MMA Events. Robert Hayton has compiled a long list of credits in his professional career. Including many sporting, concerts, and news events. Some of which: NASCAR Winston Cup, NHL for FOX and ESPN, ESPN summer and winter XGAMES, the NBA on TNT, WNBA, UFC, NHRA on ESPN2HD, ESPN & NBC Arena Football, ABC Fiesta Bowl, ABC Sugar Bowl, and the NBC Arena.
Arizona Flying Jibs website

placeholderJohn Kelly
Motor Eyes, Inc.

John became a member of the JitaCam team in September 2009. With John’s 20 years of experience rigging and operating moving camera devices he was a natural asset to the JitaCam team. Also a CamMate owner-operator in Atlanta, he splits his time among Entertainment, Sports, Reality and Corporate television.

In 1996 John supervised all overhead camera rigging for the Atlanta Olympic Games. Since then, he has been involved with the Olympics on 4 continents. John’s Credits include 30 Movies of the Week, various sporting events on ESPN, CBS, and NBC. Music videos and Concert DVD’s for various artist including Keith Urban, Widespread Panic, Elton John, Hank Williams Jr, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ludacris, Usher & Rush.